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Notizie CLA

Summer School on Linguistic Policy, Linguistic Planning and Evaluation (LPLPE17)

Maggio 29, 2017

The Institute of Linguistic Research (INIL) of the University of Costa Rica, in collaboration with the Esperantic Studies Foundation (ESF) (, invites to the Summer School on Linguistic Policy, Linguistic Planning and Evaluation (PLPLE), which aims to open an international space for discussion on Linguistic Policy and Linguistic Planning.

The Summer School will consist of the description and analysis of the fundamental concepts of Linguistic Policy, Linguistic Planning and Linguistic Policy Evaluation, as well as its objectives and methods. During the four sessions of the Summer School, the exponents will refer to specific cases that they have investigated. Of the four sessions, three of them will be held in English and one in Spanish. At the same time, there will be a series of lectures related to the Summer School topics.

The Summer School will last a week, with 20 hours, in a total of 4 days (except on August the 2nd, which is a holiday). Each invited speaker will give a four-hour workshop. We are considering the possibility that postgraduate students of the University of Costa Rica receive a credit for their attendance*.

For more information, please visit the following Web page:<wbr/>actividades/lplpe17-en/.

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